Tournament Officals


NBL Arbitrator: Neil Chan

Centre Referees:

  • Marlon Bonilla

  • John Kwan

  • John Lowrie

  • Candice Wong

  • Ritchie Chow

Events like the BC Open would not be possible without many other hardworking officials.  Their time and expertise is invaluable to us and we greatly appreciate their contributions.  


Preference in choosing officials will be based on:

·  Pre-registration

·  Attendance at the black belt meeting

·  A professional appearance in martial arts uniform or shirt and tie

·  A thorough understanding of the rules

·  Previous experience

·  Approval by division director


Contact Us to pre-register to be a tournament official.  Please specify the divisions you are qualified to officiate.  Or phone Bill Hunter at 1-604-531-7353.



April 24th 2021

8:00am to 5:00pm

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Earl Marriott Secondary School

15751 16th Ave. 

South Surrey, BC